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AquaClear AquaClear




AquaClear Resin is an optically clear polyurethane casting resin used where a hard, UV resistant, non-yellowing product is required. AquaClear Resin is often used to encapsulate objects. Some of the most common uses of AquaClear Resin are point-of-purchase displays, rapid prototypes, special effects, sculpture reproductions, giftware, etc.


AquaClear Resin is a two-part polyurethane casting system. Clear AquaClear is mixed one-to-one by volume and cures at room temperature. Cured AquaClear Resin is UV resistant and non-yellowing. To preserve the surface clarity of AquaClear Resin, we recommend that you use a platinum-cure or condensation-cure silicone mold material such as LifeRite.

AquaClear Resin provides a combination of performance properties including optical clarity, mechanical

Portrait Of a Young Woman
by Dave Parvin, A.L.I.
Created with AquaClear Resin and
LifeRite Silicone Mold

The piece was sand blasted on the surface to
provide a semi-transparent optical texture.
The rear of the piece was left window-pane
clear. An strange optical illusion is produced
when the piece is rotated in front of the viewer.
When viewed from the rear it appears that the
young girl's face is projected outwards as if in a hologram.

strength, hydrolysis resistance, gloss retention, and yellowing resistance. Each user must individually determine the suitability of this product for the process intended; furthermore, the conditions under which parts are made must also be taken into consideration.

Instructions for Use

Measure Curative and Pre-polymer

Note: AquaKleer Resin provides approximately 15 minutes for you to mix and pour the casting before it begins to gel.

Using two clean, dry, plastic containers of equal size, measure equal amounts of the curative (part A) and the pre-polymer (part B). Do not measure more AquaClear Resin than you can pour within its 15-minute pot life.

Mix Curative and Pre-polymer

Note: Once you mix the curative and pre-polymer, you have approximately 15 minutes to pour the casting.

After you prepare the mold and measure the curative and pre-polymer, you are ready to pour the curative and pre-polymer into another clean, dry, plastic container. Combine the two ingredients for approximately 45 seconds, being careful to prevent air bubbles from forming. Use a plastic or metal utensil to mix AquaKleer. You can use a pressure chamber to help remove any air bubbles that form during mixing.

Pour Casting

You should take your time to carefully pour it into the mold. The best way to pour a casting with AquaKleer Resin is to tilt your mold slightly and pour into one spot of the mold. Pour slowly so that any air bubbles that may have formed during mixing can break over the lip of the container as it pours out. When you have finished pouring your casting, you may tap the sides of the mold or vibrate the mold to help release additional air bubbles.

Demold and Cure Casting

Once you have poured your casting, do not disturb the mold or demold the casting for 24 hours. Although you may work with your cast immediately after demolding, for best results we strongly recommend that you post cure your cast for 6 hours at 160F (72C). The post cure improves the heat distortion temperature as well as numerous other properties of the material.


Curative (Part A) and Pre-polymer (Part B )

The following table explains the properties of the curative and pre-polymer of
AquaKleer Resin before they have been mixed.


Curative (Part A)

Pre-polymer (Part B)




Mix Ratio by Weight



Mix Ratio by Volume



Shelf Life

6 Months

6 Months

Specific Gravity @ 75 F (24 C)



Viscosity @ 75 F (24 C), CPS



Mixed Curative (Part A) and Pre-polymer (Part B)

The following is a summary of the properties of AquaKleer Resin after the
curative and pre-polymer have been mixed.




Mix Time

45 Seconds

75 F (24 C)

Pot Life

15 Minutes

75 F (24 C)

Gel Time

20 Minutes

75 F (24 C)

Demold Time

24 Hours

75 F (24 C)

*Pot life, gel time, and demold time vary depending on mass, mold temperature,
and component temperature.

Cured AquaClear Resin

The following table explains the properties of AquaKleer Resin after it has cured.


Cured Product



Elongation, ASTM D412-80, %


Heat Distortion Temperature, ASTM D648*

137 F (58 C)

Rebound, Bashore, ASTM D2632-74, %


Reversion Temperature

270 F (132 C)

Shore Hardness, ASTM D2240-75


Linear Shrinkage, ASTM D2566, in/in


Specific Gravity, ASTM D792-66


Tear, Die C, ASTM D624-73, PLI


Tear, Split, ASTM D470-71, PLI


Ultimate Tensile, D412-80, PSI


*Post curing at 160F (72C) for 6 hours increases the heat distortion
temperature up to 30%.

Storage and Handling

Keep the AquaClear Resin containers tightly closed when not in use and store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose the AquaClear Resin curative or pre-polymer to moisture! If moisture contaminates AquaClear Resin, it will not cure. If these storage requirements are met, AquaClear Resin carries a shelf life warranty of six months. Be sure to read the Material Safety Data Sheet that comes with AquaClear Resin before using it. As with any polyurethane, observe the following safety precautions.

Use only in well-ventilated areas.

Wear chemically resistant rubber gloves, safety glasses, and an apron.

Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin.

In case of skin contact, wipe affected area with isopropyl alcohol,
followed by soap and water.

In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and
consult a physician.

If swallowed or comes into contact with eyes, seek medical attention immediately.

AquaClear AquaClear AquaClear AquaClear
  Price Units  
AquaClear - 16 oz lbs. $ 43.95
AquaClear - 20 lbs. $ 439.95
AquaClear - 5 lbs. $ 131.95
AquaClear AquaClear AquaClear AquaClear AquaClear

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